For more than a year I was a team lead and integral part in building the new Hewlett Packard Enterprise digital properties. This involved stakeholder meetings, strategy integration, client collaboration, team design direction, and development work sessions. Our team launched the fully functioning site on time and to positive reviews.


Launching a 15 billion dollar company
In January 2015, HP came to Razorfish with a tall order; create and deliver a world class website and digital foundation for the newly split corporation; Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

The requirement list was long; fully responsive, integrated CMS system, 14 languages, over 40 countries, AA ADA compliance, and a strategy for building on this platform for the next several years; all built within 9 months.


By The Numbers
A few stats that give a glimpse of the effort that went into creating the new



Building a Digital Brand
Our team partnered with the HPE branding agency to create a new look and feel in the digital realm. We created an extensive digital brand book that evolved as the site took shape.



Fully Responsive
The team created designs at 4 major breakpoints with several instances of unique behavior for specific components.


Over 90 unique pages required our team to create a strategic system for page structure that concentrated on narrative and Search Engine Optimization.


A Multi-faceted Navigation
From desktop to mobile the navigation system incorporates several layers. A primary top nav, a large drop down nav, and a persistent secondary anchor nav.


Content and Component Strategy
Much of the work the team focused on was planning the designed components in concert with the business strategy. This involved quite a bit of sketching and whiteboard sessions.



50 + Components
Branded elements combined to create editable components. Each of these components can be arranged on a page to build content and a message.