Dashboard + Feed
The app's landing shows a dashboard with at-a-glance usage and bill status. Below it is a feed, driven by an intelligent engine that serves highly personalized content. Combined, users see a highly personalized homepage that always shows personal, relevant, and timely content everytime.


Hold the Usage or Bill icon on the dashboard while sliding down and WALA! - more usage and bill details appear in-line without having to go any further.


Dynamic Icons
The usage and bill icons are dynamic depending on how many lines a user has in their account, the usage status of each line, and their latest bill status. This at-a-glance look at usage and billing reassures users, avoiding a call to a rep, or signals that they have to take action.



First Run

The first time the app opens, users are welcomed with a brief (and skippable) overview of how the app can make their life with T-Mobile better. They are also asked if the app can send them important notifications.

Permission Priming

Native iOS dialogues that ask for permission to allow access to certain features appear only once. To increase chances for a YES, users are "primed" before being presented the native dialogue. These permissions are collected in context throughout the experience.


In-Line Tutorials

Bite-sized pieces of tutorial content are interspersed throughout the experience as users experience different sections of the app for the first time.


Navigation Foundation
Always one-tap away from anywhere in the app, users have access to any of the primary areas. This system forms the foundation of a universal navigation that can expand Rebellion’s Account and Shop to areas such as Network, In-Store, and more.



Rebellion Hero Flows
Key Rebellion flows, such as paying a bill and checking usage, were integrated into the app and optimized to take advantage of a native app environment.


A Reason to Re-Engage
Unique to the native app, users can quickly see device health and troubleshoot issues for their device and those in their account.


No Connection. No Problem.
When users have no connection, the app transforms into troubleshooting mode, allowing users to troubleshoot while raising awareness of Gogo inflight and Wifi calling.